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Background Check During Screening Of Job Applicants

imagesFXXMRXM9The background check in the pre recruitment process will help the employer if the hiring person is additional asset of the company and to know if he is potential for the job. The background verification will reveal one’s real identity which is not mentioned in his resume. It is the responsibility of the employer to hire the person with good moral values and the one who obeys the law.

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The background check depicts the employment history of the hiring person like, gaps in between jobs, his responsibilities with the past company, salary, reason for leaving the previous job, qualification check, credit history, analysis about crime records, verifying with the personal references etc.

The background verification must be completed before selecting the person for job. The HR department, hiring managers and the recruiters adds the background check as one part of the screening progress for the job applicants.
The company policy should also supports to investigate the existing employee in your company once in three years to find whether the employee is trustworthy.

Most of the companies are outsourcing the background check function to the external agency that is specialized in background verification. If outsourcing agency is cost effective you can conduct the check by your internal employees but for any job position dealing with sensitive information you can outsource to the external agency to get the detailed report about the hiring individual.

Thereby you can reduce any harm to your workforce, safeguard your assets, protecting your company reputation, and avoid theft, drug abuse, harassment in your workforce.