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A Simple Trick To Starting Your Own Blog

start-a-blogOne out of every three people we meet has their own blogs. Most of us are fascinated by the blogging world and want to start our own blog. But we keep putting it off thinking it is a complicated process and involves too many steps. Starting a blog is much simpler than you think. A blog can be set up in just about 20 minutes. The four simple steps for setting up your own blog are:
Choosing a name
Installing the blog
Choosing the design, layout and font
Writing the first post for your blog

You might wonder why you need to start blogging. There are many reasons why someone has to start blogging. One of the options is the ability to make money. By adding advertisements to the blog, a small amount of money can be earned whenever the user clicks on the ads. A person who blogs during his/her free time, can make money by adding advertisements. Secondly, many people will start reading your blog and post their comments which are very encouraging to see for a writer. Also, blogs are a great way to spend your free time. This improves your creativity and allows you to expand your thoughts in the process.

While blogging might be free, using free blogs are not a great option for users. They have many limitations and do not allow the user to make many modifications. Free blog posts automatically post advertisements and the user has no control over the advertisements that appear. To make any changes, the users will have to upgrade their blog by paying a fee. So, instead of paying money every time, one can go for the paid hosted version itself wherein everything comes at a lesser price. The security options in free blogs are also very limited and there is no option of taking a backup of the data posted in the blog and the risk of losing the posts is very high. The paid version, however, has a backup available on the server that can help the users to restore in times of any unexpected circumstances.

Many people start off by setting up the blog, but over time lose interest. In order to ensure that you do not lose midway, ensure that you set up your blog exactly the way you want in WordPress. It can be accessed from any platforms such as mobiles, tablets, iPhones, iPads etc. The topic you write about must be the one you are passionate about. If that happens, then you will be excited to write about it and hence will not miss out on posting information. Always read other blogs in the same domain so that you can see what others are writing about and not make any mistakes. Apart from setting up a blog, it is important to follow it up with appropriate posts and ensure that it has great information. The quality of the blog posts attracts traffic and creates interest for subscribers. Over time you can also enjoy the benefit of making money from these blogs.