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Five Factors To Check When Buying A Cordless Vacuum

vacuumThe cordless vacuum cleaner is also known as a stick vacuum cleaner. It is a perfect option for regular and fast cleaning jobs like thrashing around the kitchen after the meal time or making your home neat before guest come.

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First, you want to know the factors you should check when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner.

How long you can use the cordless vacuum continuously depends on the battery power. The running time of the vacuum cleaner differs from 10 to 40 minutes. If you choose a cordless vacuum with less running time, then you want to charge the battery too often to complete even a single room. You don’t believe whatever things claimed by your manufacturer about the battery power.

Charge the vacuum cleaner at a docking station before you started to use. Check if the charging station is wall mounted so that it is simple to set up and store. The amount of charging time of cordless vacuum varies from 2 to 16 hours.

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaner models, cordless vacuum cleaners are bagless. It saves your money on replacing the bags often. But many people feel that draining the canister of the cordless cleaner is a messier job than replacing the bag so not an ideal choice for people with allergies.

The capacity of the canister determines the amount of dust the canister can hold. The canister capacity of cordless vacuum cleaner lies in the range of 0.3 to one liter, so you need to empty the canister more often than the traditional vacuum.

The weight of the cordless vacuum is less than the conventional models. Based on your personal preference you pick the model with appropriate weight.