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Three different types of Pull-up Bars


Now everyone is living a busy lifestyle. It is essential to allocate some time to do something that is not related to your work like working out. It is the best option to take a break from your regular work. Pull up is one of the best exercises and you have the convenience of doing it from your home. In this exercise mostly your abs, back muscles and biceps are largely engaged. To do it in your home, you must have the right pull up bar.

This pull-up station is the best exercise option whether you are strong enough or not to do pull ups. If either you are a beginner to exercise or like to increase the intensity of your workouts, you can choose this pull-up bar. The important three pull up bar review is mentioned here which is very useful to select any one among them.

The first option is Doorway pull up bar. It is a lightweight model, easy to install, small and simple design. It offers the best workout to the muscles in back, neck, arms, and chest. If you need some option to more workouts in your upper part of the body then you can choose this. You can easily setup this pull-up bar over the door frame without drilling or tightening with a screw.

The second option is Mounted pull-up bar which you can set up directly on the wall. It permits you to do more number of pull-ups. It is the sensible workout option for your home gym. Multiple people can use the bar at the same time. You can do the pull-up exercise with your spouse, family members and friends at the same bar. You don’t worry when there is a separate room for gym or space to set up your pull up bar. In such case, Mounted pull-up bar is the wonderful option. You can install this even in your yard. It gives you the effective output when you require fast pull-ups for fun or just want to enter into the mood of pull-up exercise.

The last option is Power Tower Pull-up bar. It is the best option which is a great addition to your gym equipment. It is more versatile pull-up bar which permits for full body workout with little movement for the normal pull ups exercise. If you are looking for a pull-up bar for your entire body workout, then you can consider this pull-up bar type.

Power Tower Pull-up bar is free standing design model and you don’t want to worry about installing this pull-up bar. You can use it both on the indoors and outdoors. You can use it in your gym or at home based on the space available. It is best suitable for your complete body workouts to make your entire body fit. You can do a pull-up, push-up, dip and vertical knee raise stations in this type.

When buying the bar you must ensure whether you feel comfortable in the bar to use or not. The bar must give the strong grip to hold.