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Things To Do In San Francisco

san-fransiscoSan Francisco is a beautiful bay area and one of the top tourist places to visit. It is famous for wonderful weather condition and delicious food options. You have several places to visit in San Francisco including beaches, parks, cafes and act and travel like locals in the Bay Area.

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You can taste the best Indian foods in Indian Palace. The chicken tikka masala and the chicken tikka kabob is the most favorite option for many people visiting the hotel. You can eat the entire lunch buffet in low price, decorated beautifully and looks with complete tradition.

Hiking Grizzly Peak is the next thing to do in the city. You can see the whole Bay area from the top of the peak. If your health supports, then you can hike or just look out the peak. You can also drive in the peak area.

Visit Redwood room situated in Clift hotel. It is a bar and the environment in the room makes you feel that paintings in the room moves and breathes within the room. You will also feel that the eyes of the creatures in the paintings could see you sipping your favorite cocktail.

You plan to eat the cinnamon roll that you ever taste in your lifetime. It is also the good option for vegans and any others with a sweet tooth. Burma Supermarket is the famous place in San Francisco and you must eat here otherwise your trip is not fulfilled. You can come with an empty stomach to try coconut rice with chili lamb and rainbow salad and if possible bring your friends too here and taste every dish on the menu.